Chi siamo?

Alessandra ed EnricoAlessandra ed Enrico
chocolate festivalchocolate festival
marina e giuseppemarina e giuseppe
Chi siamo?

La nostra è una famiglia numerosa, ma di rado ci troverete tutti nella nostra casa in Sicilia, per studio o per lavoro siamo spesso lontani. Abbiamo deciso di aprire agli ospiti la grande casa di famiglia e trasformarla in un B&B di charme per offrire una vacanza speciale a quanti vorranno.Troverete sempre Marina e a turno qualcuno di noi per dare una mano.
Preparetevi ad un vacanza di tutto relax, all'insegna di buonumore ed allegria, buoni cibi, sole e mare.
Sperimenterete il calore dell' ospitalità delle nostre terre e se vorrete la nostra amicizia.

Who are we?
I'm Giuseppe, a senior consultant cardiologist still working. Marina is my wife, formerly an ICU nurse, and now the manager of the B&B. Luca (Researcher UniPi), Alessandra (Laureate UCSC, now Medical Student UniTs) and Enrico (artist in progress) are our sons. So we are a big family, but not very often we are all together in our house in Sicily because of work and studying we are most of the time abroad. We had have the idea to open the family house and transform it in a B&B of charme to offer a special and unique vacation.The palace was built by the father of my grandfather, a wine trader, in the second half of XIX century.
I was born here. The richness of the location is represented by the position, close to the sea,to the Gourgous of Alcantara river and not far from Etna and from a lots of the major sicilian atractions like the famous Taormina and its greek theatre, Siracuse with the ancient temples of Apollos, Zeus, Athena, Ragusa and the others baroque cities.You always find in the house Marina and an other one of us to help her.
Prepare yourself to an holiday of totally relax, happiness and joy, good foods, sun and sea.
You’ll try the warm hospitality of our mediterranean lands, and if you want, we’ll offer our friendship too.

Wer sind wir?

Wir sind eine große Familie aber sehr selten werden Sie uns alle in unserem Haus in Sizilien antreffen, denn wegen Arbeit oder Studium sind wir weit in Italien verstreut.
So haben wir uns entschlossen unser großes Haus in ein B&B von Charme zu verwandeln, und es für Sie für besonderes und einmaliges Ferienerlebnis zu öffnen.
Marina wird immer für Sie da sein und einer von uns wird sie dabei unterstützen.
Bereiten Sie sich auf Ferien mit absoluter Erholung, guter Laune und Freude sowie gutem Essen, Sonne und Meer vor.
Erfahren Sie die Wärme und Gastlichkeit unseres Landes, und wenn Sie es wünschen unsere Freundschaft.